Codes of Ethics

For the maintenance of good practice, the promotion of unity and the encouragement of continuing development within the profession of Hypnotherapy, all members of Hypnotic World International Academy of Hypnotherapy (HWIAH) undertake to:

Always maintain standards of the highest professional conduct

Conduct themselves at all times in accord with their status and do nothing that might bring Hypnotherapy or the HWIAH into disrepute.

Provide a service to clients only in those areas in which they have trained and demonstrated competence, and for which they carry full professional indemnity insurance that is acceptable to the HWIAH.

Disclose full details of all relevant training, experience and qualifications to clients upon request.

Make no claim that they hold specific qualifications unless such claim can be totally substantiated.

Explain fully to clients in advance of any treatment, fees, terms of payment, session length, and any charges levied for non-attendance or cancelled appointments.

Be aware of their own limitations and experience and whenever appropriate, be prepared to refer a client on to another more suitable practitioner (whether or not that practitioner be a member of the HWIAH) who might reasonably be expected to offer suitable treatment

Ensure that clients seeking therapy for the relief of physical symptoms are advised to contact a registered Medical Practitioner, unless they have already done so.
Refrain from offering advice to a client which conflicts with or is contrary to that given by the client’s registered medical advisor/s.

Accept that any client referred to them by a registered Medical Practitioner (or other relevant agency) remains the clinical responsibility of the Medical Practitioner (or agency) and therefore to agree to keep that Medical Practitioner (or agency) suitably informed of the client’s progress

Ensure that client notes and records are kept secure and confidential and that the use of computer records remains within the terms of the Data Protection Act

Always obtain written permission from the client (or client's parents/guardians if appropriate) before recording client sessions by any method other than written notes.

Confidentiality must be observed at all times unless:

(a) It is in the best interest of the client/patient to disclose relevant information;
(b) the client/patient has given their permission to disclose;
(c) where the law requires disclosure;
(d) when sharing information with fellow professionals. In the latter case, client anonymity must be guaranteed;
(e) in the event of a complaint being made against them, subject to the complainant providing written consent for their notes and records to be made available, members may be required to provide this information to the HWIAH.

Take all reasonable steps to ensure the safety of the client and any person who may be accompanying them

Ensure that their workplace and all facilities offered to both clients and their companions will be in every respect suitable and appropriate for the service provided

Refrain from using their position of trust to exploit the client emotionally, sexually, financially or in other way whatsoever.

Refrain from commencing any sort of relationship with any client, past or present, other than a therapeutic one. Clients must remain solely as clients. Members are strongly advised against working with friends or family for anything other than simple relaxation work or other 'single-session' therapies.

Terminate treatment at the earliest moment consistent with the good care of the client.

Not permit considerations of religion, nationality, gender, gender preference, disability, politics, or social standing to adversely influence client treatment. Where there is a potential for this situation to exist, i.e. where a therapist is not at ease with some aspect of the client's 'way of being', then it is part of that therapist's duty of care to refer the client on to another suitable practitioner.

Notify the HWIAH, in writing, of any change in practice name, contact address, telephone number or e-mail address, at the earliest convenient moment.

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