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If you are aiming to lose weight and have tried the traditional methods then there are a number of Hypnotherapists around the world who offer Gastric Band Hypnotherapy (GBHyp™) in addition to their usual treatments.

There are also many therapists who, while they offer the usual approach for weight loss may have no training or knowledge of GBHyp™ and so will not use this approach to help you to lose weight.

Most Hypnotherapists, whether trained in GBHyp™ or not, will also wish to explore and help you with your relationship to food as there can be emotional triggers to your eating patterns that need addressing in order for you to refrain from slipping back into old coping methods once you have achieved your ideal weight and shape.

We have compiled a directory of Hypnotherapists who offer Gastric Band Hypnotherapy. In each case their training, experience and fees will vary so you should contact them directly for more information.

Gastric Band Hypnotherapists who have produced evidence of their training are displayed with the word VERIFIED after their name.

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