Aims of the HWIAH

• To improve the standards of Hypnotherapy worldwide.
• To maintain an International Register of Practising Hypnotherapists who have demonstrated competence in this field.
• To maintain a Strict Code of Ethics and Practice and a Complaints and Disciplinary Procedure to deal with complaints from any source.
• To provide information promoting hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and related subjects.
• To encourage high training standards and to move towards recognised qualifications in Hypnotherapy.
• To encourage links with other interested associated organisations and professions.
• To provide a professional and unequalled service to its members, the public, the media, and affiliates.
• To promote within the profession, the dissemination of information about Hypnotherapy.
• To issue membership certificates and make available Professional Indemnity Insurance for UK members.
• To maintain contact with the medical profession and other complementary disciplines.
• To promote the recommendations of the 1993 BMA report “COMPLEMENTARY MEDICINE - new approaches to good practice”.
• To improve and increase the knowledge and skill of all members by providing workshops, seminars and meetings demonstrating special techniques and skills.

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